Attend a Connection Luncheon

Whether you are new to Lewistown Alliance or have attended worship a few times, we encourage you to join us for the next Connection Luncheon. Maybe you are curious to know more about the church, or maybe you'd like to connect further with our community of believers... This is exactly why we created the Connections Luncheon!

Join us for a free meal as you hear more about Lewistown Alliance. Our goal is to have fun, enjoy a community together, and get to know one another as you get a “taste” of Lewistown Alliance.

Serving at Lewistown Alliance

At Lewistown Alliance we value every volunteer who contributes to making a difference in various areas. Whether you enjoy helping children understand Jesus through Lewistown Kids, warmly welcoming first-time guests, or supporting our behind-the-scenes efforts to ensure an endless supply of hot coffee, your contribution is highly appreciated! We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities that cater to your unique personality and availability.

 Join us and find the perfect area to serve!


Baptism is truly a celebration of what Christ has done and is continuing to do in your life. It’s a way to publicly express your faith in Jesus and your desire to live life fully for him. By being immersed in the water you symbolically show your immersion into Christ and your desire for the Holy Spirit to saturate your life.
As you go under the water you demonstrate your identification with Jesus’ death, your desire to die to sin and to be set free from it. When you come up out of the water you identify with the resurrection of Jesus and the new life you have in him. (See Romans 6:3-10)

Click the button below and fill out the form to let us know if you are interested in baptism. If you have talked to a staff person already that is great! If you haven't, one will contact you about your next steps after filling out the form.