Students, Transformed by Jesus

Alliance Youth Student Ministry

The journey of students  is full of obstacles of finding their identity in Christ.

We have all been in this place before, amidst a culture that offers numerous conflicting identities and paths to follow, torn in our desires.

At Lewistown Alliance we want to create a safe and supportive community where students feel comfortable expressing their doubts, questions, and struggles without fear of judgment.

We want your student to have a loving adult that partners with you to offer wise counsel, listen attentively, and provide guidance rooted in biblical principles, helping your students navigate difficult decisions and strengthen their faith.
Together we want to help you address the specific challenges students face in today's world, equipping them with a solid understanding of their faith and the ability to apply it to real-life situations.

We aim to walk alongside your family, recognizing that the journey of formation as a student walking with Jesus is pivotal, and we are committed to offering our support and guidance every step of the way.

Experience  life transformation with Jesus

Discover their unique purpose 

Build lasting friendships

Impact the world with the love and truth of Jesus.

Youth Group  
Sundays | 6:00-7:00

We all need a group of like-minded friends who are pursuing Jesus together to encourage us, pray for us, and be there for us on life's journey. 

One of the greatest gifts a church can give to parents is to help foster an environment for your teen to develop relationships with a consistent adult leader and network of friends they share a faith and do life with.
That's why each sunday we offer youth group at the church.

Bible Study
Wednesdays During the School Year | 6:30-7:30

How do I find friends who care about the same things I do? What does God want me to do with my life? In our bible study we begin to discover the wisdom of the Bible. Youth Bible Study is a place to go deeper — to grow in your relationship with God as students navigate the journey of the teen years. As Students make time to study and complete the lesson each week, you will find that God speaks to you through His Word.