Are you familiar with church or new to this whole thing?
Join us! 

Whatever your background or stage of life, our desire is from the moment you step through our door you feel welcomed. You'll be greeted at the door by a member of our greeter team  that simply wants you to feel welcomed.

We look forward to meeting you and want to connect with you the moment you walk through the door.

Service Times & Location


50 Hudson Ave, Lewistown, Pa 17044

Service Times

9:00 Am Sunday School
10:00 Am Worship Service

Things you can Expect

What's a Sunday Like?

For Adults

When you walk through our doors you will enter our lobby where you will notice our Connection Center. If you have questions, concerns, or simply need help finding anything please visit one of our staff members behind the desk.
You and your household will head into the sanctuary and find a seat.
During a typical service you will experience multiple components throughout the service that typically lasts until about 11:15 am.  

We will sing together with a live band. Don't worry, if you are not a singer, don't know the songs, or are just not sure about the meaning and purpose you may choose to simply observe. We will take an offering but please do not feel obligated to give.  

After this time together the younger children (preschool-2nd grade) are dismissed to children's church if they would like to attend. Occasionally before they are dismissed there is a short message geared specifically for them, adults enjoy this too.
This is followed by someone giving a Sermon for about 30 Minutes. This talk is always based upon God's Word, The Bible, and preached in a way that is relevant and applicable to our lives.  

The best way to experience all of this is to come for a visit!

For Kids

Your kids will have a blast!   Sunday's we have several opportunities for your kids to interact with others their age.

If you are a parent of a 3 year old or younger,  before the service head over to the nursery located just off the lobby. The nursery is staffed by a qualified adult(s) who will take great care teaching them how to interact with others, play, while under the watchful eye of approved childcare staff.  We utilize a sign-in/sign-out to be sure your child is kept safe.
If you are a parent of  kids who is age 3 through 2nd grade, They will sit with you in the sanctuary and sing, listen to announcements, and offering. This is a great opportunity for them to begin learning what a church service is like. Right before the sermon, they will be dismissed and directed to follow the teacher out of the door to the front-left of our sanctuary. They will go to children’s church  for interactive activities, videos, singing, and reading from the bible. We want to help them grow in their knowledge of what it means to follow Jesus in their lives. You pick them up following the service in our children/youth hallway.
If you are a parent of  kids 3rd grade and above, they remain with you in the church service. Sometimes there is a special time they are invited forward for a short, children's sermon. You may even see kid's serving in different ways in our church. Kids are not simply the “church of tomorrow”; they are “the church of today”!
If they get restless at times, don’t worry; we understand children and love them!

For Students

During the service you will notice we love to incorporate students into our church service! They are valuable contributors through things like handing out our attendance pads, passing the offering plates, and singing for special music or on the worship team.

Students also have programs on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Learn more about these opportunities on our student ministry page

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